Hi, I'm Marilise | It's your name across my heart written in gold a permanent mark ;)
any tips on self confidence for girls?


Get up. Favourite lingerie. Favourite outfit. As much or as little make up as you like. Look in the mirror. Hair flip. I am a hot bitch. I deserve exactly what I want. I will never settle for less. Repeat until you feel it to your core. Make plans for world domination. Go out. Kill it.  



i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill


unfollowing a mutual who unfollowed you first


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It’s so fucking weird how girls can just tell when our periods start. Like the exact fucking moment. You’re just sitting in bed or standing in line for groceries and your face does that thing kind of like in That’s so Raven when Raven gets a vision