Hi, I'm Marilise | It's your name across my heart written in gold a permanent mark ;)

se-le-na-tothegomez sooooo Pam… i never got to answer those questions you tagged me in because of vacation and college and i ended up forgetting. i’m sorry :( but today i remembered and came on tumblr just to do it. also because i’m waiting for my hair to dry lol let me answer them. :)

1. Why are you on tumblr? - well, i’m on tumblr cause i love people here and i always have a good time reading all the funny stuff ;P
2. What are you wearing rn? - my pajamas lol
3. How old are you? - 18
4. Plaid or polka dots? plaid
5. Anime or cartoons? - cartoons all the way
7. Listen or watch music videos? - both? but i like to listen to music more
8. Facial hair or clean shaven? - clean shaven.
9. What kind of job do you want in the future? - well, i study law in college so i want to be a lawyer or something like that :)
10. What do you think of me? - i think you are a sweetheart. and pretty
11. What would you name your first child? - Leonardo! i’m not sure about a girls name yet lol

hope you’re not mad. love you

Selena Gomez on the 2014 Teen Choice Awards red carpet - August 10th, 2014